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L.E.S.I. for Popup Magazine

Pop Up Magazine, a live magazine experience hosting stories, videos and music asked us to create a graphic system for their Golden State Record show at the Greek Theater in Berkley, CA. The show’s theme was based on the Voyager Golden Records, a set of records that captured sounds and images that portrayed the diversity of life and culture on Earth.
            We searched for a solution that would respond to music and capture a moment of time — a time capsule from the live show. Collaborating with Nosaj Thing, an LA record producer, we developed a responsive tool that would react to the music he made.
            The Live Experimental Spacial Instrument (LESI) constructs one-time only visual solutions based on sounds outputs. In front of some 5000 people the Collins team and Jono Brandel created a live experience with Nosaj. We also developed a companion website lesi.wearecollins.com, that will gives users a sense of the experience.

Try it out here:

Role: Senior Designer Agency: COLLINS Team: Matt Luckhurst, Christian Widlic, Jono Brandel, Nosaj Thing, Nicky Tesla