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Airbnb Arthouse Hong Kong

Still fresh from the rebrand, Airbnb was still seen as the go-to platform for budget vacation rentals. Having a presence at Art Basel Hong Kong was a strong first signal to a new segment that was still unfamiliar with the brand, the art community.
            It was important that this first interaction be a coherent one that did not come across as commercial or corporate which is how we came to create a collaborative performance space called: Airbnb Art House. We paired artists from Hong Kong with international artists and hosted them in the space to showcase their work. Giving them license to deconstruct and interpret our mission, it allowed for an interesting dialogue that would further help define Airbnb as not just a rental platform, but as a way of creating meaningful relationships between strangers.
            I was the sole designer on this project—defining the visual identity for the entirety of the event as well as producing all the collateral. I worked closely with Sherry and Paloma Powers to define the programming and spacial design.

Role: Senior Designer Client: Airbnb Team: Sherry Kwan, Samya Deb, Item Idem, Claudette Lam, Joann Ngai, Paloma Powers